We have the equipment monitoring and control of most complete dredging of the story.

We have sought strategic alliances with the academic and private engineering firms most experienced national and international level.

In addition to a team of academics and specialists on the market only for monitoring dredging, with the technical and human resources which enables us to guarantee the success even in the most complicated projects.

We have a variety of boats for rent or for sale, ranging from flexi floats, barges, tugs, among others that are used in marine construction.

We specialize in equipment for removal of sediments, dredging, stuffed beach or reclaimed land either with a combination of multiple dredging equipment with different yields and anchored or dredge vessels with hoppers ranging in capacity from 700m3, 1500m3 until the biggest market with capacities up to 16,000m3 per trip, or otherwise stationary dredging projects, with re pumping stations

We are serving:

• Maintenance dredging
• Construction Dredging
• Environmental dredging
• Land Proclamation

Dredging Supervision

Science and Technology for a world in constant evolution

Social Responsibility

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